When your gold jewelry is brand new, it is bright and polished and shimmers in the light. If the proper maintenance is not taken, this same jewelry can become dull, scratched, and even discolored. Here's the 6 best ways to maintain your gold jewelry so it stays like the day you bought it.

No Rough Stuff

Gold is a soft metal by nature, so it can be easily scratched or dented. Jewelry like rings and bracelets that are worn on your hands are especially vulnerable to this. To prevent this type of wear and tear on your gold jewelry, remove these pieces before doing any activity that could result in a lot of wear, such as: sports, cleaning, playing with your children, etc.

Regular Cleaning

Everyday usage of your gold jewelry can eventually lead to a dull finish and a layer of grime. This is normal and results from dust, sweat, and makeup. Regular cleaning of your gold jewelry will easily take care of this build up, and keep your prized pieces shimmering. Soap and water works well for cleaning most gold jewelry. Just make sure to be gentle when scrubbing and always dry your pieces as completely as possible.

Beware of Chlorine

Gold jewelry is vulnerable to several different chemicals. One of the most notable is chlorine. Gold that is exposed to chlorine repeatedly will become weaker, eventually leading to breakage. This means you should keep your gold out of pools and hot tubs.

Cleaning Products

Along with chlorine, many household cleaning products also weaken gold jewelry. These mainly include strong acids, bases, and abrasives. Too much exposure to these types of products can weaken your gold, leading to breakage. To prevent this type of wear, either remove your jewelry completely before using these chemicals or use long rubber gloves to completely cover up your jewelry.

Proper Storage

Always store your gold jewelry separately so your items don't rub against each other resulting in scratches. Wrap each piece of gold jewelry in a soft cloth for storing. Also, many jewelry cases have small compartments that work great to keep your gold jewelry separated.

Inspect your Gold Jewelry

Even if your gold jewelry is well maintained, normal wear and tear can lead to weaknesses in the most vulnerable parts of your items. Every so often, you should inspect your gold jewelry. Pay special attention to small pieces, such as: clasps, gemstone settings (prongs), and pins. These pieces are especially prone to bending and breaking. If you notice anything that looks weak, missing, or bent, bring it to a professional jeweler. They can most often refurbish your gold jewelry before your piece is completely broken. You don't want the diamond falling out of your ring!

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